Wednesday, 29 February 2012

3rd time is the charm?

I am so terrible for forgetting laundry in the washing machine and not hanging it up >.< I swear on everything that today, after this post I am going to remember to hang up the cloth diapers I have in the washing machine!

Oh and did I mention I went to make a loaf of bread today and forgot to put about 1/2 of the flour in the breadmaker? Yeah, didn't find this out until I stuck my hand in the machine to pull out the dough and put it in a breadpan (FYI, the bread has much more room to expand when left to rise outside the breadmaker and baked in the yes, my breadmaker is a glorified mixer with a timer on it) SO...bread #2 is happily rising in its pan now.

What else will today bring?

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