Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Moisterizer and Facial Cleanser - Day 1 of my BzzAgent Review

Well I opened up and gave these products a try today while having my shower. Mixed reviews...

The facial cleanser starts off feeling smooth and light. No fragrance was noticeable (like some cleansers that add fragrance or just have a smell to them because of the ingredients involved) and all was well until I washed it off.
That's when I noticed the feeling of a waxy sort-of film feeling on my face. Not a fan, my face only felt sort of clean.

The moisturizer on the other hand, again, started light and smooth. No fragrance again which was nice, don't want to be smelling anything too overpowering for the next hour...and it stayed nice and light. My face doesn't feel tight and dry, and it soaked in very quickly.

Maybe tomorrow Ill try my old face wash and this moisturizer.

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