Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Adventures in Breadmaking

I just recently purchase myself a breadmaker (Black & Decker) Got it on sale at Zellers about 3 weeks ago and its been great. The first few loaves I made turned out alright, I think it was a combination of recipe and cooking the bread in the machine itself that made them turn out a little dense for my liking but since those few I have since changed what recipe I use (Ill post it at the end) and now I use the machine only to mix and do the first rise, after that I transfer it to a bread pan and then bake it in my own oven. They have been coming out like a charm....until today.
Guess when you are trying to get baby breakfast and spray down a pan with Pam you *might* miss a few spots.
The loaf stuck.
The top of it fell off like a muffin top when I went to shake it out of the pan.
But it's still the best tasting broken chunks of bread ever!

Now attempt #2...this time with feeling (and more Pam)

Whole Wheat Bread:
1cup warm water
1/8 cup veg oil
1tsp salt
1.5cup whole wheat flour
1.5cup allpurpose or bread flour (depends what country you are in)
1tbps of sugar or honey
2 1/4tsp of dry yeast.

I use the whole wheat setting on my bread maker, or you can beat it to death by hand if you so choose.
I then take it out when it is done mixing and let it do its 2nd rise for 30 minutes in a breadpan.
350 in the oven for 30 minutes.

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