Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mommy Just Needs A Nap

Another early morning for us here.
Usually Peanuts is pretty good for sleeping provided he doesn't have a cold or is cutting teeth, but every now and then I have the crankiest baby in the world on my hands at 5am just for the heck of it.

To catch you up to speed...Since day 1 we have been a bed-sharing family and for multiple reasons - small living space, made it so much easier on us for night feedings and personally I rested alot easier knowing I could just open my eyes and check on him whenever I wanted.
Fast forward to the beginning of February when we moved into this house, he would still sleep with us at night but seemed content enough to at least nap in his crib for an hour or so during the day, so now since he is getting bigger and moving more in his sleep we are starting to make the slow transition to him sleeping in the crib at night.....with mixed results so far...we had a 5 hour stretch a few nights ago, then a 2 hour stretch and last night he came to bed with us since he was over-tired and extra cranky to begin with and I wasn't going to push the subject on a baby who was losing his little mind - I must have had some mommy-radar of some variety on in the back of my head forseeing a 5am feeding that would result in a still not happy baby as well.

One of the other things I find with him, if he is not in the best of moods, is the limited list of things I can do to calm him back to sleep and thats walk around with him....don't sit, don't bother trying the rocking chair and don't just stand and sway....walk. So after a few laps, and by that point some breakfast since he had been awake an hour I have a little guy who was finally content enough to pass out in his highchair with banana stuck to his face. He is now sleeping quietly up in his crib, Im slowly making my way through the first tea of the day and anxiously awaiting an afternoon nap.

How did the transition to crib work for you guys?

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