Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My First Superpoints Rewards Redemption

So Im sure some of you are wondering if this Superpoints thing is legit?
I was pretty skeptical myself at first, Ive never really won anything off the internet before and those surveys some sites want you to do for points or cash or cards just never seem to generate anything worth taking all that time every day to fill out.

But here I want to show you that, for the 5-10 minutes a day I spend on Superpoints that it's really not all that bad.

Amazon.ca Gift Card Redemption
 Now this is about 3-4 weeks worth of spinning their SuperLucky button. Im sure I could be raking them in alot faster for myself and anyone in the network above me if I had more people in my own network but I dont push it too much on people....I provide the information about it, the link to join this invite only page and some of my point wins are shown. So with only 2 people, I could potentially have $100 free-and-clear to buy something off Amazon as a christmas present? or maybe save it for their boxing week sales?
Either way, it takes small amounts of time and it's free money.

I'm cool with that.

p.s- Don't want amazon gift cards? They have the option of putting your redemptions into a Paypal account instead :)

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