Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Superpoints Bonus Invite!!

Just a few days after I cashed in for another $5 for Amazon I now find myself with another 25-point bonus invite to share with you *and* im less than 200 points from yet another $5 cash in. That will bring my total up to $20 in credit waiting for me on Amazon to use for whatever I want. For now I'm still saving it for christmas shopping but maybe I might come across something I want before then :P
Either way...Free money = WIN!

So why not join Superpoints and try it out? It doesn't cost anything, they don't spam you with junk mail. 1 email a with extra points for you to collect just for giggles (sometimes 2) and you log in when you want to click their super lucky button. Sign up and get a basic account and you get 30 clicks, get only 2 others to join your network and you are upped to 50 clicks a day and get 5 people to sign up and it jumps to 100 clicks every day!

Here is the bonus invite for you

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