Saturday, 28 April 2012

Get Paid To Like Stuff!!

There is a new survey/pay to click site in town called

You can earn money for referrals as well and though their referral rate has been fluctuating recently, they have confirmed they will be offering $0.25 per referral and an extra $1 if they live in Victoria or Vancouver.  They update the site daily with new "opportunities". These seem to be short surveys, Twitter follows, Facebook Likes, +1's on Google, etc. These opportunities don't take long at all! Please note if you Like a company you cannot "Unlike" them before you get paid as you will not get credit for the payment.  You can however hide their posts from your Newsfeed if you want.
They appear to be making changes and upgrades as they go along, and update on Facebook and Twitter when they have new opportunities available. Something to be aware of: They request all kinds of permissions on your Facebook page (like many contests/giveaways).  You can X out any permissions you don't want them to have access to and still sign up.   I personally don't share anything on my Facebook that I would care if a stranger saw, but you might want to consider using a "Contests/Freebies/Giveaways" Facebook page if you're worried. I just use my own personal one and haven't seen them post anything on my Facebook without permission.

I am really liking this new company. Since they're newer and smaller they're very open to feedback and suggestions!

Of course if anyone would like to join, my referral link is here: was started by a company called Softcorp Software Ltd which is based out of Victoria. They started as a way for companies to market their brand by getting users to "Like, Follow or Circle" them as well as for companies to reach certain target markets.  You can get in touch with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: @LikenetCanada

SoftCorp Software Ltd Facebook:
Twitter: @SoftCorp_ca

Here's how I've been able to do in just over a week with no referrals !

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