Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's Superpoints Bonus Spin Day!!

Hooray! I just got a 25 point bonus link! (25point bonus invite!)

 Today Superpoints is having a bonus spin day for all its members because of the technical difficulties they were experiencing last week with their site (this isnt a common occurence, Ive been with them 3 months and it is the first time I've ever experienced a hiccup in the site)
So all you basic members? 60 spins today
Gold members? 100 spins today
And Platinum members? You guys have 200 spins to do today!

If you'd like to join my team, use this link and get an extra 25 points when you sign up. Please message me so I can help you get started.
To complete your registration click the link in the email and fill out your name, phone number and address. They use this information to confirm you're a real person and send out physical prizes like Ipods. There is no spam and they don't sell your information.