Friday, 6 April 2012

World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

Well after a couple errors, a few crashes and what felt like the slowest download speeds known to man I was finally able to create myself a Pandaren Monk on the Lost Isles PTR server.

It was a small sea of black and white. And of course, in pure pain-in-the-a** form, EVERYONE was piled onto the first quest NPC.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel at first about being a panda (but with 2 space goats and 2 nelfs...who am I to judge).  I think they are cute, I'd roll one long before I made a Worgen anything that's for sure.

The lag was obviously something to be reckoned with so over the course of a few hours of on & off playing I did make it around level 11 and I am now firmly planted in Stormwind collecting rest xp bonus on behalf of the alliance.  The choice being made at level 10 is a nice little touch. And as for class I decided to go with a healer, since I haven't yet had the ambition to try out my druids dual-spec - she is happy being a boomchicken and my Shaman hasn't healed a darn thing since WOTLK was winding down. I like their stance set up, allows for quick switching between dps'ing a mob down and then healing my poor dying self, and yes I know druids can switch quick but without actually stopping and switching specs you aren't as efficient in the 2nd spec.

Now to start the dreaded grind through Elwynn and beyond....I'll visit the turtle again soon though I hope.

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