Saturday, 19 May 2012

Could your business benefit from lead generation, exposure, likes or website traffic?

Who They Are: SoftCorp Software Ltd. is a Victoria, BC based website design and marketing company. They specialize in being ahead of the latest Social Media and technology trends, and delivering cutting-edge quantitative results. Learn more about the company behind LikeNET at

Why You Need Them:Do you want a stronger social media presence? To know more about what your customers think? Get your name out to a broader audience?
LikeNET offers unique and exclusive services to give you quantitative, measurable and usable results. How? With surveys, lead generation, traffic generation and smart social media advertising.
Check out our Services to discover the campaign opportunities best suited to you and your business.

How They Deliver:LikeNET is Canada's fastest growing hot-spot for members to earn rewards for their opinion. With 7,500 members and counting, earning and spending LikeNET Points equivalent to real Canadian dollars, LikeNET is the only marketing opportunity of its kind-- and it's exclusively owned and operated by the team at SoftCorp Software Ltd.Each member is waiting for opportunities to Like your Facebook page, or complete a survey to give you raw data, or search through your website for a bonus-redeemable code. You can target to your area, or go nation-wide. You can literally see your results. That's how! 

What are you waiting for? Sign up FREE today and get your business growing!
Right now they are offering $10 off their services (and their services aren't expensive - which is great), just copy/paste the code : E8Z5J72S when you make your order :)

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