Thursday, 3 May 2012

Do You Know Your Net Worth?

I just came upon another good post written up by the one & only Mr. Canadian Budget Binder.
This time he is taking a look at overall financial health, including where budgeting has got them so far and plans to further reduce their monthly grocery budget (you should also check out the monthly Grocery Game Challenge ). He has even provided a downloadable spreadsheet that helps you calculate your net worth, an important tool when directing yourself down the path of your financial future.

Go check it out:

Net Worth Update April 2012 CBB- Life is Good!


  1. Thanks darlin for posting this... It's so important to know your financial health whether you are single, married a student or chalk full of debt or bursting full of bucks.... you won't regret it.. once you know the numbers.. they will motivate you! Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. I personally didnt fill it out, opened it knowing im worth zippo, but knew alot of other people could find that sheet really useful :) I hope alot use it