Thursday, 17 May 2012

Superpoints Surprise Changes May 2012

I just caught wind of these changes to their site/rewards....and it appears to be spreading like wild fire. Alot of unhappy people, myself included, maybe its time to explore other websites.
In a nutshell....rewards now cost more points, like 100+ more points each. And they have capped points earned from referrals. For people always getting new referrals, this means pretty much nothing, but for the little users like myself...It is now creeping closer to being a waste of my time.

Go read their blog for yourself - let me know what you think?

Now I already use Swagbucks (which requires less points for cashouts and such and I enjoy,its dead easy)
What other sites do people use that are actually worth the time to do and worth mentioning on blogs/facebook/twitter?

Oh, and Canadians looking to transition off Superpoints and onto something just as easy and more rewarding?
Try Likenet, its another one that has the ability to earn you money without having a zillion referrals - I only have 2!


  1. I closed my account this morning , they removed all my referrals (I had 11) now I am back to basic level with only 30 spins .

    I will stick with GiftHulk ($195 in 2012) and SwagBucks($110 in 2012)

    1. So far none of my referrals have quit, but thats only because out of the 11 of them only 1 bothers to spin so she probably doesn't even know about these changes :( And you have made that much from those sites already this year???? Ive made $15 from Swagbucks :P

      Following conversation on their (superpoints) page on Facebook, I know *alot* of people just dropped it or are cashing out 1 last time and leaving. Ill probably keep it around because free is still free for a small earner like myself and I already have Swagbucks to earn points for searches online - which I try to remember to use but wow I hate their search engine. I wish there was more non-search based options that were good.