Monday, 25 June 2012

Extra Superpoints Spins Today + Invite If You Need One

**The Superpoints Team has been listening to you and we want to add more points and wins to the Super Lucky Button! We want to prove to our boss that we should add more wins, so we need all our members to log in and spin on Bonus Spins Day this Monday June 25th -- The more members that spin, the better we can prove to the big guy that our loyal Superpoints members need more points!**

I just logged in to see I have an extra 50 clicks to go through today, YAY!

This isn't any sort of get-rich-quick type deal but with Superpoints and Swagbucks I spend about 15-20 minutes a day doing my clicks and daily polls and that sort of thing and Im now close to cashing out $40.00 a month between the two sites, all being saved up for christmas shopping. How can you say no to a free $100+ for christmas shopping? You can cash out into Paypal accounts, or into Amazon giftcards like me there are also all sorts of other brands of giftcards you can choose?

So if you are signed up with Superpoints, if you choose no other day to spin this week - GO TODAY!
And if you haven't signed up then - SIGN UP NOW

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