Monday, 16 July 2012

Superpoints and Swagbucks Redemptions & Invites

Ive been doing pretty good with Swagbucks and Superpoints recently. Sure I could be doing better with my own referrals collecting money in my network but I haven't got any yet :P

I was going to redeem my points last weekend but I forgot, so lets take a look at what I claimed in the last 24 hours between the two:

Superpoints Redemption July 15 2012

Swagbucks Redemption July 15/16 2012

That will put my giftcard balance at about $55 (I had $35-ish on but spent it on a new mouse) So, aiming low and say I only get $15 a month from the sites.....Ill have around $145 to spend online for christmas. Yay! <3 free money.

Want to join me?
Join Swagbucks HERE
Join Superpoints HERE (You can also check back here or on my twitter, whenever I get Bonus invites worth 25 points or more I post them for people to use)

**EDIT** An hour later I have received a 50 point bonus invite for SUPERPOINTS to share. Here You Go.

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