Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Influenster - Freebies & Reviews!

As you may have noticed off to the side of my Blog, I am a member of the Influenster Community. I have been for awhile now and it has been a handy little place to go when I want to see reviews of various products before I buy them. You have the ability to read reviews from users who have either bought the products on their own, or in some cases have received the products free to try from Influenster.

Thats right, Influenster from time to time will send you a nice little box of products for you to try (for free!) and ask for your input.  You can also go to existing product pages and ask any questions you might have about it and another member of the community will be right behind your post to answer your question.

So far I have only received 1 Vox Box of my own, it was for Impress Nails.  Sadly I was not able to use the product but I was able to pass it along to a friend who had yet to try the nails.  The chances for a person to receive a Vox Box depend on what sort of products you are active in (giving reviews, answering questions,etc) and how wide spread your social network reach is. So a person with a blog, youtube account and multiple other social media accounts will more than likely qualify for far more boxes than say someone who just has a personal facebook page.

Either way, feel free to go to, join and start interacting on the site. You never know what kind of treats you will be eligible for :)

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