Saturday, 3 October 2015

jad2iadax: stegalkin: unlimitedgoats: femboss: toocooltobehip...






windows users, save money using these free apps!!

other fab programs that are absolutely 100% free:

recuva - accidentally deleted something in the recycling bin? recover it back with this program!

speccy - tells you the specs of your computer, among other things

defraggler - defrag the SHIT out of your hard drive and clean it right up

This is a great post what makes it even better is that most of these you can download from Ninite which will download and install the latest versions of all available software AT ONCE without worrying about adware or the annoying clutter (toolbars, changing your default search engine) that sometimes comes with their individual installers. So, yeah. Have at it folks.

adding ice cream screen recorder here because although the free version can only record 10 mins at a time, it’s nice, easy to use, and has no watermarks.

Most of these are available on Linux too, and I think on Mac.

from Tumblr

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