Thursday, 16 June 2016

autistic-answers: [Tweet from the United Front party, saying...


[Tweet from the United Front party, saying “They won’t show this image on the news today #muslims #pulseshooting” Next are pictures of people in rainbow colors, some in hijab. They carry various signs such as “Solidarity with Muslim LGBTQ,” “No to Islamophobia, No to homophobia,” and “support Muslim trans youth!”]

The victims were LGBT+, many Latinx. The shooter was defined by his homophobia, not his race or religion. Support LGBT+ people and Latinx people. And don’t throw all Muslims under the bus for the actions of an evil extremist (just as we don’t throw all Christians under the bus because some of them bomb abortion clinics and make laws against human rights).

Stay safe, all of you.

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