Thursday, 14 July 2016

To Adam at All Direction Moving




To Adam at All Direction Moving,

When I called your company to get a quote to move a few of my mom’s belongings, your company gave me a quote. I asked three times, to three different people, including you, if the quote was correct.

Then, after your movers moved all of my mom’s earthly possessions onto their truck, they presented me with a bill for five times the quote. When we called you and explained the situation, you blamed me for being naive enough to believe the quote. You told me I should be aware of moving costs and know that was too low. When we explained that my mom had just died you told us “aww, get a hotel room and hug it out”.

I paid you 5 times what you quoted. Because you had my stuff hostage. But I want everyone to know that All Direction Moving in Eatontown, NJ, and specifically Adam, are terrible human beings.

There is very little justice in this world. But one thing we can do is let everyone on the internet know how awful you are. Here’s their Yelp page. Please review them. Give them one star and make sure you call Adam “a half-man-turd-boy who probably farts in public all the time”.

I hope, Adam, when you experience a loss as great as ours, no one treats you as terribly as you treated us.

-Kurt Braunohler and Lauren Cook

wow what the actual fuck

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